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Blackhead Remover Face Deep Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction

(40 customer reviews)

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Power Source

Rechargeable Battery



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Blackhead Remover

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Blackhead remover

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Machine Made

40 reviews for Blackhead Remover Face Deep Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction

  1. Customer

    The product is look so beatifui,I ‘ve tried it once already and at the moment I’m liking it is helping me a lot with the outbreak acne and has left me super clean skin highly recommended

  2. Customer

    It was the fastest shippment that I’ve ever had on aliexpress! Looks exactly like pictures shows. I didn’t try it yet. I hope it’s working as it looks. Very profesional packaging. 

  3. Customer

    The goods came in. Safe and sound. After checking his work I will share the feelings. 

  4. Customer

    Average shipping! The device works! For a long time in one place you can not hold, there will be a car (pump)! It’s better to use it on a parted face! Need or not-, decide yourself!

  5. Customer

    Goods arrived in excellent condition, packaging not crumpled not broken, on the track I saw that the store sent by mail of the 1st class and the main way was on the plane, received on the 4th day after purchase, The seller does not really waste time and does business! The complete set fully corresponds to the description, on quality you can not say that the thing is expensive it was visible and from the description so the rate was made for practicality, after use, I’ll add…

  6. Customer

    I am happy with the purchase. The quality of the product is as expected.andthe delivery speed is so fast,thank you store.

  7. Customer

    Get them stocky soon, in a sic of non-NATO, thanks for the excuses on selling, thanks

  8. Customer

    Tuote toimitettiin nopeasti, kaikki on ehjä, kiitos

  9. Customer

    Due to the fast delivery, the goods will arrive in a short period of time. I like it very much. It looks very beautiful. Great as a gift.

  10. Customer

    The product is really beautiful after it is received. It uses a strong suction force. It is recommended to use the minimum force for the first time, and slowly increase the force. It can suck out a lot of dirty things. It is very easy to use.

  11. Customer

    Came immediately charged, the kit is all as in the description

  12. Customer

    The suction power is very strong, so be careful not to stay in the same place for too long when you use it for the first time, otherwise it will leave a red mark. Overall it is great

  13. Customer

    Very fast delivery! Nice – /good product! Give you 7 Stars! 

  14. Customer

    Fast delivery. All works, as the description. Recommend

  15. Customer

    It arrived very fast, I ordered it on March 14th and arrived within 15 days. The product looks very good quality.

  16. Customer

    It came too fast and it’s exactly the description, now I’m going to test it

  17. Customer

    Very fast delivery. Thank you very much to the store for this. I haven’t tried it yet. Because I got it today. I’ll check it out. The device is very comfortable, beautiful. I’m happy in one word. For delivery I put 5 +. 

  18. Customer

    Fully corresponds to the description, the device is perfectly packed, charging almost 100 percent. The device looks solid and high quality. I haven’t used it yet. 

  19. Customer

    Erittäin hyvä, käytin sitä vain jonkin aikaa, imuteho on Suuri yes mustapäiden poistovaikutus on ilmeinen

  20. Customer

    It’s easy to use, the price is not expensive, the functions are quite complete and enough, it must be five-star praise, and the material is also good.

  21. Customer

    After using it, the effect is not bad, and the effect of acne absorption is also very good, it is worth buying

  22. Customer

    The baby received it, the effect is good, the adsorption capacity is very strong, the blackhead meter is really effective when it is used, and the blackhead grease is sucked out

  23. Customer

    this is my second time to by for my friends like a gift.i love it,

  24. Customer

    Easy to charge, prefer big head, very strong suction

  25. Customer

    The delivery is fast, the packaging is good, and the stuff is good. Try charging! See how

  26. Customer

    It looks good and easy to use. The strength is just right. It can be used as a massager. It’s pretty good. Take a photo if you like it.

  27. Customer

    Something has arrived. Special surprise. Quality passes. Everyone can buy. It’s useless. I’ll review it after using it

  28. Customer

    It really took a while to come. I was thinking of trying it out. This blackhead meter is really well received, and it’s more effective than any blackhead removal methods I’ve used before. Even using strong suction will not damage the skin. It feels a very gentle method to remove blackheads. There will be no skin redness and no verification reaction. The boyfriend’s blackheads are obviously less, he looks more comfortable than before, and his appearance is back.

  29. Customer

    Try it when you receive it. Follow the instructions to find the tip with the corresponding function and install it! The best time to use it is after taking a bath or steaming your face. After use, spray the paper towel with alcohol to clean and rinse the mouthpiece. You can use it regularly according to the steps, it is quite hygienic and safe, and the blackheads can indeed be sucked out, but it is not easy to use for the first time, and I will review it later!

  30. Customer

    The baby is very practical. I sent a lot of heads, and they are also divided into oily, normal and dry skin. Pay attention to the use method is really useful. It sucks out a lot of dirty things, and the pores are not enlarged, perfect.

  31. Customer

    The blackhead meter is very easy to use. I only chose this one after seeing many companies. I have also bought other blackheads before, but they did not achieve the best effect of blackheads in my heart. I used this one immediately after I used it. I can feel this effect. The effect is very good. The blackheads are sucked out a lot. Some stubborn blackheads that I couldn’t get out before have also been gotten out at this time. After the suction is finished, the pores are already empty. At this time, I need to use astringent to shrink. Just click on the pores, and the pores will become smaller. Follow the steps step by step, and the blackheads can definitely be sucked out perfectly. The effect is really good. The suction power is great. The suction power is just not to hurt the skin. The operation is simple. Clean the house and save money

  32. Customer

    The product is very easy to use. After using it, the skin is much better and the blackheads are less. It is recommended to buy

  33. Customer

    After use, the effect is not bad, the suction is also quite strong, I love it.

  34. Customer

    Baby received it, I cant wait to try it out, I feel its okay, it sucks the blackheads very cleanly, and its easy to operate by myself, its very cost-effective and satisfactory.

  35. Customer

    Very good, blackhead artifact, recommended to buy, thank you conscientious store.

  36. Customer

    It is in line with my expectations. It is the same as the description of the business. I am very satisfied. The price is cheap that i can accpet.thank you store.

  37. V***o

    Not charged. Charged for about two hours. The skin did not steam, so it did not clean deeply. I think after the sauna the result will be better.

  38. Customer

    Good price/performance ratio, good hand feeling, sucking blackheads without hurting the skin, quite convenient for home use

  39. E***s

    I love too

  40. D***a

    Es tal cual las fotos, se carga por usb, ya lo he probado y es un milagro para mi nariz de fresa

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